Who needs family? 

Who needs family? 

The answer is that we do. In my last brief post I showed you the plastering that Robert squeezed in to a long weekend between visitors. Well, since then my parents have been and helped clean up post plaster. Dad also got to work on the man cave outside and was able to extracate some of the big bits of furniture for this room. 

Hot on their heels Rob’s sister Sue and partner Martin came and have given the room is first coat of paint. Although the white is lovely and makes the room seem enormous, it’s a little bit cold for this climate so we’ll be adding some colour soon: something subtle to reflect the hills opposite…. Maybe! 


The final push


It’s been another busy summer here in Allt-Na-Sugh with many lovely visitors and our first party but in a quiet few days before the next guests arrive we have finally started to plaster the conservatory. I say ‘we’, but it’s mostly Robert. He did have me doing a wee bit myself before the mix got too dry yesterday. 

Garden update

Garden update

After last year’s initial attempts at gardening, this year I have invested more time and effort and so far seen to be getting better results (I say that with my fingers crossed as some of the plants that grew last year struggled beyond that initial spurt). 

Just in case this is the best it gets, here’s where I’m up to so far: 

Evidence that we might get some courgettes

Lettuce growing in the greenhouse

More lettuce on the way

Tomato plants looking fairly healthy

The next lot waiting to be strong enough to plant outside

My pea plants are growing well.

My potatoes!

I thought the pumpkin had had it when she was battered in the wind, but she seems to be recovering well.

He’s a few more pics of things growing: 

A large thank you has to go to Trefine for the greenhouse. Without it I am sure the garden would be completely different. I’ll owe her at least one box of vegetables! 

Finally, our new chicks have been learning to be free range! 

A Grand Day Out


Today Sue, one of the leaders of our ‘Step it up Highlands health walks group, organised a lovely day out. A trip on the Waverley to Raasay, a two hour walk taking in some beautiful views, lunch at Raasay House then a leisurely cruise home. 

All ready for boarding in Kyle

All aboard!

Relaxing in the lounge

Setting off on the walk

Heading in to pick us up for the return journey

Kyle pier including welcoming pipe band

A Tour of the Garden


After last year’s mixed results on the vegetable front I’m giving it another go this year so here’s a photo tour of the garden as it is.

Standing on the drive with the Loch behind you this is the view up into the back garden and vegetable patch.

The path along the back of the house. The retaining walls are a mix of rocks taken out of the ground and the concrete floor from the old conservatory.

The terrace beds that Rob dug out a couple of years ago. Each time I work them over i take out another bucket full of stones!

The plastic greenhouse now has things growing in it. I’ve planted beetroot and kale behind it.

Pumpkin, peas and beans in the to bed; potatoes in the middle; carrots, onions, parsnip and spinach at the bottom.

One of the best things about the allotment is the view

A closer look inside the greenhouse

The chicken run taking shape with the new coop inside it.

One of three wood poles. This one is by the door.

Rob’s kayak parked ready to go to work in the morning.

I’ll miss our pallet walkway when we replace it with something more permanent.